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Is Your Journey Absolutely Necessary? In extreme weather conditions you should ask yourself if making a journey by road is absolutely necessary. You might consider delaying your trip until the weather and road conditions improve. If using the roads in such conditions is unavoidable be prepared. The golden rule is to drive, cycle or walk with care and caution and expect the unexpected. Before setting off on a journey check to see if there are any problems on your intended route. Here are some useful links: „h Visit the Department of Transport for updates „h Tune in to your local radio station(PDF) to get latest updates in your county „h Check the weather at Met Eireann „h Check the Garda website for travel warnings „h For update on the latest traffic news visit the AA Roadwatch website Is Your Vehicle Ready for winter? As the saying goes ¡¥Prevention is better than cure¡¦, so take some time to prepare both your vehicle and yourself for the challenges of winter driving. Don’t get caught out when severe weather strikes.
Your first step should be to get your vehicle serviced to ensure it is fit and safe for winter driving. Secondly you should carry out regular checks on the vehicle. You should:
„h check for wear and tear on wiper blades and replace them as soon as they start to smear rather than clean windows
„h keep tyre pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level and check you have at least 3 millimetres of tread depth
„h make sure all vehicle lights are working and clean and top up with anti-freeze and screen wash
Be Seen to Be Safe! When out on the road, walking especially in rural areas high visibility reflective clothing and lights are the only way to stay safe. As children make the journey to school often in the dark, make sure your child can be seen.
Tyres -Get a grip. Remember your only contact with the road surface is your tyres so it¡¦s vital that they are up to the task in icy and snowy conditions. Check tyres, including spare wheel, and replace them if the tread